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Unlock the Laughter: The Best Italian Language Jokes featuring Pierino – A Guide to Understanding Italian Humor

Italian language jokes

Italian Language Jokes Are a Staple of Italian Culture

The protagonist of many of these jokes is “Pierino,” a nickname widely used to identify the subject of these jokes. Pierino is often used to describe a not-too-bright individual. This character is the subject of many Italian language jokes.

These Italian language jokes are fun and provide a glimpse into Italian culture and how humor is used in everyday conversations. The use of the character Pierino is also a reflection of Italian society’s love for witty, clever, and sometimes self-deprecating jokes.

In this article, we’ll share with you three examples of Italian jokes along with their English translations, so you can not only enjoy the humor but also understand the cultural context and learn some new Italian words and phrases.

So, get ready for a good laugh and join us as we explore the funniest Italian language jokes and discover why Pierino is so beloved by the Italian people.

ridete e siate felici (laugh and be happy)

Italian Language Joke #1: Pierino e la Mamma

[Italian] – Pierino va dalla mamma e le dice: “Mamma mamma ho da darti una notizia buona e una cattiva”. La mamma risponde: “Inizia da quella buona, caro Pierino!”. Pierino dice: “Quella buona e’ che ho preso dieci in classe!”. “Bravissimo! E quella cattiva?”, chiede la mamma.
Pierino conclude: “Quella cattiva e’ che non e’ vero!”.

[English Translation] – Little Peter goes to his mother and says, “Mom, I have good news and bad news for you.” – His mother replies: “Start with the good news, dear Peter!”. – And Little Peter says: “The good news is that I’ve got the best grades in class!”. – “You’re excellent! And the bad news?” asks the mother. – Little Peter concludes: “The bad news is that it is not true!”.

Italian Language Joke #2: Pierino e’ Matto?

[Italian] – I medici di un manicomio decidono di effettuare una prova per stabilire chi tra i matti possa essere considerato guarito. Chiedono ai pazienti di tuffarsi in un bicchiere d’acqua; chi si rifiutera’, sara’ considerato guarito. Si tuffano tutti, tranne uno. I dottori si complimentano subito con il paziente guarito e gli chiedono come mai non si sia voluto tuffare. Il paziente risponde: “Non sono mica matto: non potevo tuffarmi, io non so nuotare!”.

[English Translation] – The doctors of a mental hospital decide to perform a test to determine who among the insane can be considered healed. They instruct the patients to dive into a glass of water, and those who refuse will be regarded as cured. All but one dive into the glass of water. The doctors complimented the patient recovered immediately and asked why he decided not to dive. The patient responds: “I’m not insane: I could not dive because I do not know how to swim!”.

Italian Language Joke #3: Pierino e il Dottore

[Italian] – Pierino va dal padre e gli dice: “Papa’ ma e’ vero il detto che una mela al giorno toglie il medico di torno?” – Il papa’ risponde: “Certo che e’ vero, perchè?” – E Pierino conclude: “Allora, dammi subito una mela perche’ ho rotto la finestra dell’ufficio del dottore giocando a pallone!”.

[English Translation] – Little Peter goes to his father and says to him: “Papa, it is true the saying that says that an apple a day keeps the doctor away?” – Papa replies: “Of course it is true, why?” – And Little Peter concludes: “So, give me an apple right away cause I broke the window of the doctor’s office while playing soccer!”.


A famous university professor once stated that mastering a non-native language includes genuinely understanding and appreciating the sense of humor in that language.

Understanding a joke correctly in a foreign language means understanding the cultural background of those speaking that language.

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