43. What A Grumpy Old Lady She Is! (Listen Up & Learn)

LearnItalianPod Let’s listen to a funny story about a grumpy old lady who’s always complaining about everything and wherever she goes, she drives everyone crazy. — By studying and practicing this lesson, you will learn a lot of “ready-to-use”, 100% real “everyday” Italian words, sentences, and verbs about food, weather, health, and Italian culture and lifestyle. – Then as usual, after listening to the exclamations, take the “7 Question Challenge” to test your comprehension, speaking, and grammar skills. Enjoy!

VIP Members Only Extra Bonus – The Reflexive Verb “Divertirsi” [To Have Fun] Login to the Learning Center to download, as a special extra bonus, a useful audio file and PDF transcript entitled “The Verb ‘Divertirsi’ [To Have Fun, To Enjoy Oneself]” conjugated in the present, two forms of past, future, conditional, and subjunctive tenses, plus some of the most common and useful idiomatic expressions that use this important verb.

Listen Up & Learn – Episode #43

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