38. If You Must, Do It With Grace (Listen Up & Learn)

LearnItalianPod One of the most famous Italian dictionary and encyclopedia publishers has declared war to vulgarity and bad words. “If you have to insult someone” – they say – “then do it with grace”. – This time, get ready for something unusual (and fun!) as we join the war to vulgarity by learning and practicing the 10 top sentences you can use to insult someone in Italian without actually using any bad words. In a nutshell, “insulting… with grace”! – Then as usual, after listening to the story, take the “7 Question Challenge” to test your comprehension, speaking, and grammar skills. Enjoy!

VIP Members Only Extra Bonus – Back To Basics: The Verb “Andare” [To Go] Login to the Learning Center to download, as a special extra bonus, a useful audio file and PDF transcript entitled “Back To Basics: The Verb ‘Andare’ [To Go]”, containing the “must-memorize” verb “Andare” (To Go), conjugated in the present, past, future, conditional, and subjunctive tenses, with the addition of blank spaces after each verb instance so you can practice your pronunciation over and over!

Listen Up & Learn – Episode #38

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7 thoughts on “38. If You Must, Do It With Grace (Listen Up & Learn)”

  1. I’m a student and my dream is to go to Italy to study art. How do I get the Italian Art Vocabulary? Do I need to become a VIP Member? Can you do more lessons about Italian art? — Thank you I love you Jane & Massimo.

  2. Good idea! Now, how about a lesson (maybe a video) with italian body language and hand gestures?

  3. Jane and Massimo, this is a fun lesson! The idea of making a lesson about insulting someone without using bad words is just cool.

  4. I’m a VIP Member and have a question about back to basics the verb ‘andare’. Does “Loro sono andati” become “loro sono andate” if the subject is feminine?

  5. Great site to learn Italian language. The learning center works for me: I just listen and learn easily. Keep up the good work!

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