35. A New Hair-Do, Italian Style (Listen Up & Learn)

LearnItalianPod Alexandra, a longtime friend and VIP Member, who a couple of years ago left everything behind to fulfill her lifetime dream of living in Italy, sent us a terrific email. Recently, she felt that she needed a new hairstyle, so she clipped a photo from a magazine with the hairstyle she’d like to have, went to a beauty salon, and announced: “This is the way I want my hair to look. Let’s do it!” – Wow, talking about being decisive, Alexandra!

So, let’s hear Alexandra’s story (almost) as it happened and let’s learn a lot of useful “ready-to-use” Italian words and sentences that will greatly improve your knowledge of Italian. – Then as usual, after listening to the dialogue, take the “7 Question Challenge” to test your comprehension, speaking, and grammar skills. Enjoy!

[VIP Members Only Extra Bonus – Back To Basics: The Parts of the Body] Login to the Learning Center to download, as a special extra bonus, a useful audio file and PDF transcript entitled “Back To Basics: The Parts of the Body”, containing all of the “must-know” parts of the human body in Italian – and, as an added value, the PDF transcript contains a chart with a drawing of the human body which will allow you to see each body part while you listen to its name, so you can learn faster!

Listen Up & Learn – Episode #35

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2 thoughts on “35. A New Hair-Do, Italian Style (Listen Up & Learn)”

  1. A proper, beauty enhancing hairstyle is a must for every Italian woman (well, for EVERY woman). I like when she says “i colpi di luce, li voglio naturali”. 🙂

  2. What I like about this site is that it can help not only the beginner but also the advanced student. I’ve been studying Italian for 8 years and I speak fluently, but I still find valuable knowledge by practicing this website’s material. Truly, this is the “real” Italian!

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