2. What A Super Busy Day! (Listen Up & Learn)

LearnItalianPod Learn “real” Italian with the newest show on LearnItalianPod.com: “Listen Up & Learn”, episode #2! — First of all, a huge “Thank You” to all our LearnItalianPod VIP Members and listeners that have sent in feedback to let us know how much they have enjoyed the first episode of this new series. Thank you again to all of you! — Today’s story is entitled “What A Super Busy Day!”. Listen to Massimo talking about his busy day schedule and train your ears to listen and truly understand the Italian language. Enjoy!

[How Would You Say It: Home Appliances – LearnItalianPod VIP Members Extra Bonus!] Login to the Learning Center to find, as a special extra bonus, a super useful audio file with PDF transcript entitled “How Would You Say It: Home Appliances“, a terrific way to test and improve your knowledge of Italian by translating words and sentences on the fly. Practice this, and make your life easier around the (Italian) house!

Listen Up & Learn – Episode #2

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  1. The verb passare is a very common regular first-conjugation Italian verb. It means to pass, to go by, to go through, to spend time, to approve, to hand.

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