27. Which Came First, The Egg or The Hen? (5 Min. A Day)

LearnItalianPod Learn Italian with LearnItalianPod.com – This time, get ready for something special as we’re going to finally answer, once and for all, to an enigma that has bothered mankind forever, and we’re going to do it while learning a lot of useful Italian.

Here’s the question: “e’ nato prima l’uovo o la gallina?” (in English: “which came first, the egg or the hen?”). A team of scientists seems to have found the answer to this challenging question, and we are going to share the news with you.

So, let’s have a lot of fun by solving a timeless mystery, all the while learning and practicing a lot of very useful Italian words, sentences, and grammar rules that are sure to make your Italian better. Enjoy!

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5 Minutes A Day – Episode #27


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3 thoughts on “27. Which Came First, The Egg or The Hen? (5 Min. A Day)”

  1. Truly the fun way to learn Italian! You’ve used di recente on the show, but I understand that the adverb recentemente is also quite used in Italian. Which is more common, di recente or recentemente? – Are there any other similar examples?

  2. Tommaso, the adverbs “di recente” and “recentemente” are interchangeable, and you can use either one. In the case of “di nuovo” vs. “nuovamente” (again), you would use the former.

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