29. Look, It’s Snowing! (Upper Intermediate)

LearnItalianPod Learn Italian with LearnItalianPod. Episode #29 of the “Upper-Intermediate Level Series” is entitled “Look, It’s Snowing!”. It’s Sunday early in the morning in Milan. Outside it is cold, as it’s the middle of winter. Christmas is just around the corner. Lucia and Italo just woke up, and there’s a quiet and peaceful atmosphere in the house. All of a sudden, it begin to snow… the Holiday season is finally here!

Let’s follow our friends Lucia and Italo as they enjoy a relaxing winter Sunday morning breakfast at their house and let’s learn a lot of informal and useful “everyday” Italian. On the grammar section, we will review and practice the “must-know” Italian pronominal verbs. Enjoy!

[LearnItalianPod VIP Members Extra Bonus: The Pronominal Verb “Andarsene”] Login to the Learning Center to download Audio & PDF Transcript of the “must-know” Italian pronominal verb “Andarsene” (to go away).

em>Upper Intermediate – Episode Nr.29


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One thought on “29. Look, It’s Snowing! (Upper Intermediate)”

  1.  The first line reads to me as “outside it’s a cold dog”.
    What is the literal translation please.

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