49. Nicknames Galore! (Culture Shot)

LearnItalianPod Learn Italian with LearnItalianPod. What happens when one fourth of the families living in a small Italian town of 50,000 people have the same last name and they can only be distinguished by their nicknames? Easy… a lot of confusion, as it becomes almost impossible to know who’s who; and confusion remains until those families find a way to actually make their nicknames become legal last names!

This is not science fiction, and that’s exactly what happened a few days ago in the small Italian town of Chioggia, near Venice. – So we’re going to dedicate this Culture Shot to yet another really peculiar and interesting piece of Italian creativity. Enjoy!

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Culture Shot – Episode Nr.49


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One thought on “49. Nicknames Galore! (Culture Shot)”

  1. Il mio migliore amico Italiano si chiama Federico ma tutti lo chiamano Chicco – mi ha detto che e’ un soprannome molto diffuso.

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