27. Brand or No Brand? (Upper Intermediate)

LearnItalianPod Learn Italian with LearnItalianPod. Episode #27 of the “Upper-Intermediate Level Series” is entitled “Brand or No Brand?”. When it comes to buying clothes, Italians are divided into two opposing categories: on one side those who refuse to buy anything that is not “branded” and on the opposite side those who do not care about names or brands but look for a good deal instead. And if people from the two categories are part of the same family, and are wife and husband… then an argument is in order!

So, let’s follow our lovely couple Lucia and Italo as they’re planning to go shopping for clothing and let’s learn a lot of useful, informal, 100% “real” Italian, together with some new, interesting vocabulary. Enjoy!

[Clothing in Italian – LearnItalianPod VIP Members Extra Bonus!] Login to the Learning Center to find, as a special extra bonus, a super useful audio file with PDF transcript entitled “Clothing in Italian“, containing containing all of the “must-know” names of clothes, words like “cravatta, collana, camicia, pantofole”, and so on, so the next time you go shopping for clothes in Italy, you’re going to be 100% ready!

Upper Intermediate – Episode Nr.27


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3 thoughts on “27. Brand or No Brand? (Upper Intermediate)”

  1. A me piace comprare i vestiti di marca! It was a surprise to discover on my recent trip to Italy that Italian clothing brands (like Armani, or DG..) cost way more in Italy than in the US.

  2. I agree with Ambra about pricing. I love going to the Italian market, though, and don’t really care about brands.

  3. I’ve found this week extra bonus very useful – I didn’t know words like bottone or fibbia… or tasca.

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