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How To Deal With Street Annoyances in Italy

famous streets in Italy: Rome

Street annoyances in Italy are unavoidable and can be a source of frustration for both locals and tourists alike. From the lack of sidewalks and reckless drivers to the seemingly never-ending roadworks, navigating the streets of Italy can be a daunting task.

But don’t fear! With a little patience and understanding, it’s possible to navigate the streets of Italy with ease. This blog article will provide you with an insight into the common street annoyances you may encounter in Italy, and how to best handle them. So, if you’re planning a trip to Italy, read on for useful tips on how to avoid or minimise street annoyances.

Street Annoyances in Italy: Rachel’s Story

Rachel from Miami is telling a story of street annoyances in Italy. She says: “When I was living in Italy a couple of years ago, there were quite a few times when I encountered difficult situations while walking on the street.”

“For example, with men approaching me and trying to get my phone number, street vendors trying to sell me something I didn’t want, or beggars asking for money… ”

“I never really knew how to deal with these kind of experiences in Italian, as if I tried to be polite, I think I always came off as being encouraging. I think a ‘How To’ episode on how to safely get out of these kind of situations, while being polite yet firm, would be a great idea for people getting ready to visit il Bel Paese.”

Terrific suggestion, Rachel, grazie. So, here it is: “How To Deal With Street Annoyances”… the Italian way.


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