20. I Told You So! (Upper Intermediate)

LearnItalianPod Learn Italian with LearnItalianPod. Episode #20 of the “Upper-Intermediate Level Series” is entitled “I Told You So!” – The sentence “Te l’avevo detto” (I told you so, in English) is the one phrase that everyone hates to hear when something goes wrong, and it’s a sure way, when used between husband and wife, to end up in an argument. So, let’s see a little argument over directions between husband Italo and wife Lucia, and let’s practice some of the most common popular Italian expressions you’ll ever hear! On the grammar section, we will review some of the most interesting expressions from the dialogue giving grammar rules and extra examples. Enjoy!

[LearnItalianPod VIP Members Extra Bonus!] Login to the Learning Center to find, as a special extra bonus, an audio file and PDF transcript entitled “Asking & Giving Directions”, containing some of the most popular, must-know Italian words and sentences used when asking or giving directions – in fact, we have collected all of the sentences about directions that we’ve ever published plus more in a single audio file that you can take with you, listen and practice whenever and wherever you want: this is really a great resource to have and practice before you take your trip to Italy!

Upper Intermediate – Episode Nr.20


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  1. Its really a great resource for learning Italian language, I like the idea of bonus audio files, we can use them anywhere.

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