39. Two Letters, Single Sound (Culture Shot)

LearnItalianPod Learn Italian with LearnItalianPod. Our dear friend and longtime VIP subscriber Carlo, who is from England but lives in Rome, says: “I have got to tell you, Jane and Massimo… some of the sounds of the Italian language, like “GL”, “GN”, or “SC”, are so difficult to pronounce correctly. Please make an episode about it, I need to get this right!”

Excellent idea, Carlo! So, let’s practice the pronunciation of some of the difficult sounds of the Italian language, like “GL”, “GN”, and “SC”. And yes, we are going to practice these sounds with the help of some good old tongue twisters! – Oh, by the way, all of these tongue twisters are used in Italian schools to teach Italian to Italian kids, so… they work!

[VIP Members Only Extra Bonuses!] Login to the Learning Center to download an audio file containing every letter of the Italian alphabet together with pronunciation instructions and a sample word for each letter, with the addition of blank spaces after each word instance so you can repeat over and over. That’s the ultimate way to learn how to pronounce Italian the right way.

Culture Shot – Episode Nr.39


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