35. The Yellow Mimosa (Culture Shot)

LearnItalianPod Here is what our longtime VIP member and friend Barbara says: “I’m writing this email from Florence in Italy, where I’ve been living for a couple of months already, to study art. A few days ago, the 8th of March, I went out with my best Italian friend Maria, and as we walked down the street, three guys from my class said hi and they gave us this beautiful yellow flower, la “mimosa”. I’ve been told this is the way Italians celebrate ‘La Festa della Donna’ every 8th of March. How nice! – Then right away I thought: ‘What a great idea for a LearnItalianPod’s episode!’ – See, I always think of you, Jane & Massimo…” – How nice of you, Barbara, and what a great suggestion! So, let’s celebrate women from all over the world and let’s learn something nice about this beautiful yellow flower and what it represents. Enjoy!

Culture Shot – Episode Nr.35


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2 thoughts on “35. The Yellow Mimosa (Culture Shot)”

  1.  Ciao Jane and Massimo,
    I’m a fan and have been the past couple of months. Now that I have subscribed to the site and looked at the glossary, I’d like to ask you a favor. When you list words in the glossary, in particular the irregular nouns, could you please list either the 1. article 2. M/F next to the noun? It’s so important for native English speakers to learn the gender of each noun, right from the start, so we don’t make too many errors in usage. Of course it is the irregular ones which confound me.
    apprezo davvero tanto è vi ringrzio per il tuo aiuto..

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