33. Una Multa Indimenticabile (Culture Shot)

LearnItalianPod Learn Italian with LearnItalianPod.com – Our friend and VIP subscriber Debra, born and raised in London, England, but now living in Italy, sent us a terrific and very funny email. She says: “A few days ago, I happened to read a very funny story entitled “Una Multa Indimenticabile” (Literally “Un Unforgettable Fine”). Sometimes, excuses that people make up in order to avoid responsibilities have no limits, but this… what a story! I’m still laughing hard! And the moment I read the story, I just said to myself: “This is a perfect podcast episode for LearnItalianPod.com”! – Yes it is, Debra! So, let’s dedicate this week’s Culture Shot to this funny (but real!) story, and let’s learn and practice some super common and useful Italian idiomatic expressions. Enjoy!

Culture Shot – Episode Nr.33


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4 thoughts on “33. Una Multa Indimenticabile (Culture Shot)”

  1. Is the expression “tentare di tutto” used more often than “tentare il tutto per tutto”? During my stay in Italy, i’ve heard and learned how to use the former – I did not hear so much the latter.

  2. Another little fix:

    perché in ritardo per il funerale =
    because he was late for the funeral

    “Late to the funeral” implies he had arrived at the funeral, but late. In this case, he was still driving, not yet arrived, so “late for the funeral” is more appropriate (at least in American English).

    You simply wouldn’t say he “was being late.” 😉

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