32. La Befana Vien di Notte (Culture Shot)

LearnItalianPod Learn Italian with LearnItalianPod.com – Just a few days ago, on January 6th, Italian children of all ages have celebrated “il giorno della Befana”. “La Befana”, the benevolent witch who comes riding a flying broomstick, is a national holiday in Italy, and it also represents the end of the holiday season for millions of children, who are going back to school from their Christmas holidays the following day. So, let’s dedicate today’s culture shot to this old lady who comes and makes children happy one more day before they have to go back to the “everyday life”. We will also review and practice “relative pronouns”, those little words so important to make your Italian flowing more natural and ultimately to make you sound like a “real Italian”. Enjoy!

Culture Shot – Episode Nr.32


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2 thoughts on “32. La Befana Vien di Notte (Culture Shot)”

  1. This episode is sooo useful because of the grammar part (relative pronouns can be difficult, but you’ve managed to make them understandable, and it’s a beautiful thing…). I’ve finally learned the meaning of cio’…

  2. Martina, talking about cio’ – it took me a long time to learn how to say it, but here it is: non e’ bello cio’ che e’ bello ma e’ bello cio’ che piace.

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