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An Unexpected Encounter (Upper Intermediate)

Here’s what our friend Amanda has to say about this new Upper Intermediate Level Series: “I just love this new series. That’s exactly what I needed. I can understand most of the Italian spoken on the series, and it is challenging enough to drive me on and keep me digging deeper into this marvelous language.”

Then she continues: “For a while, I felt like my learning was stuck. Now it’s all back, and I’m improving everyday… it’s a beautiful sensation. Grazie!”

Prego, Amanda, il piacere e’ tutto nostro! (the pleasure is all ours).

So, what is our friend Italo up to this time? As he’s walking to his business meeting, all of a sudden a female voice calls his name. Who is this woman? A business associate, an old friend, maybe an old flame?

Listen to this episode, entitled “An Unexpected Encounter”, and find out!

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