4. Let Me Grab A Bite To Eat (Upper Intermediate)

LearnItalianPod Learn Italian with LearnItalianPod! Episode #4 of the new Upper Intermediate Level Series” is entitled “Let Me Grab A Bite To Eat”. Italo, the protagonist of this series, has finally arrived in Venice. It’s 1:00 PM and his business meeting is two hours away. Italo is starving and decides to stop at a bar to grab a bite to eat before going to the meeting. Today we are going to learn some more sentences and vocabulary useful while ordering food and drinks at an Italian bar. You’ll hear a lot of informal, “everyday” Italian in this dialogue, so pay attention, because if you’ll ever go to Italy, that’s the way your “barista” will talk to you!

Upper Intermediate – Episode Nr.4


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10 thoughts on “4. Let Me Grab A Bite To Eat (Upper Intermediate)”

  1. This episode is really useful – baristas in Italy really talk like Jane does in this episode.

  2. Love this episode 🙂 When Jane asks “da bere?” is it short for “vuole qualcosa da bere?”

  3.  “Let me grab a bite to eat” is great. Thankyou But I notice that it is misnumbered as number 3 rather than number 4

  4. che glielo preparo… I don’t quite understand this bit because I would normally translate it as ” I will prepare it for HIM??

  5. Angela, it’s “i will prepare it for YOU (you formal). Think of the sentence as “lo (il caffe’) preparo a lei (you formal)” — lo + a lei = glielo preparo — this is actually a great example of usage of object pronouns direct and indirect on the same sentence) — We’ll be talking more about this in future episodes.

    Michael – it’s fixed – thanks for pointing that out.

  6.  As always, another useful episode. I noticed 2 errors in the pdf file. In “voglio partire domani” “domani” is spelled “domain” and the future tense has “tu potrai” instead of “tu vorrai”.

  7. According to quiz #2 and 4, volere uses either essere or avere for its past tense according to the verb following it. Is it correct?

  8. Anna, that is correct.

    Quick examples: sono voluti andare al mare (they wanted to go to the sea) vs. hanno voluto avere una spiegazione (they wanted to have an explanation)

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