2. Catch That Train & Ride (Upper Intermediate)

LearnItalianPod Learn Italian online with LearnItalianPod! We definitely did not expect such an enthusiastic reaction for this new “Upper Intermediate Level Series” – everyone seems to be finding our “a day in the life of our Italian friend Italo” very useful and entertaining, and that’s a terrific thing! Thanks everyone for all of your positive feedback; we’ll definitely keep these upper intermediate level conversations going for quite some time! So, what is our hero Italo up to today? Let’s follow him at the train station of Milan, where he’s about to catch a train for Venice, in order to make it to an important business appointment. Will he be able to catch the right train on time or not? Enjoy!

Upper Intermediate – Episode Nr.2


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5 thoughts on “2. Catch That Train & Ride (Upper Intermediate)”

  1.  Ciao Jane and Massimo,

    Grazie for another great episode. I need help understanding the supplementary statement…”Hai scritto a tuo zio? Si, gli ho scritto. Isn’t gli plural, but the question is singular “your uncle.”


  2. I love the way you explain the pronouns on this episode and the one before – I’ve struggled forever with pronouns – now it’s clear — love it!!!

  3. Canice, “gli” is actually singular but also used in place of the plural “loro”. Think to the sentence as “ho scritto a lui” — “a lui = gli”. See the PDF transcript and all the extra examples provided on the Learning Center.

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