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Wake Up, It’s Getting Late (Upper Intermediate)

You asked, we listened: the brand new Upper Intermediate Level Italian Course is finally here.

This series continues right where the Intermediate Level left off, and it features conversations on useful and practical topics, as well as a comprehensive review of the Italian grammar focusing on those “not so easy” subjects, like pronouns, difficult verb constructions, and so on.

One thing you will love about this new series is the way we present it – in fact, we could have called it “a day in the life of an Italian”, as each episode will be about a different moment of a day of our Italian friend Italo and his family – think of it as a cool “Italian reality show”.

This first episode is entitled “Wake Up, It’s Getting Late!” Let’s listen to our “hero” Italo, a salesman for a clothing company who lives in Milan, and his wife Lucia, as they wake up and get ready for another long day.

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