28. The Mama’s Boys (Culture Shot)

LearnItalianPod Learn Italian with LearnItalianPod! This week’s episode is about… “the mama’s boys!” – Unbelievable but true, eight out of ten Italians aged between twenty and thirty still live at home, and the average age for moving out of the house is… thirty-six! In particular, well grow up men in their late thirties or even forties, with great jobs and disposable income, seem to love being taken care of by their “mamma”. There is even an Italian name for them: it is “mammoni”! So, let’s pay a “tongue and cheek” tribute to all “mama’s boys” out there, and their affectionate and loving mothers, of course. Enjoy!

Culture Shot – Episode Nr.28


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5 thoughts on “28. The Mama’s Boys (Culture Shot)”

  1. One of the most entertaining episodes ever – grazie! 🙂
    How would you translate the sentence “darsi una mossa”? It’s an expression a friend of mine from Italy uses all the times.

  2. Thanks Gina! Making this episode was fun! About “darsi una mossa” — I would translate it as “pull oneself together, get cracking”. It is a very common informal expression – most commonly used as “Oh, ma datti una mossa!”

  3. Love this episode! I have an Italian friend that’s a real mama’s boy. I sent him the link to the episode, he liked and said it’s all real… he seems to enjoy his lifestyle, though… 😉

  4.  This is so true!!!
    I know a few of my italian friends that are just like that!
    Live in Italy with their moms.
    And love to get everything done for them!!
    This is so crazy because usually here in the U S
    kids can’t wait until they can live an independent life.

  5.  This confirms a fear I’ve had for some time now, about why my italian (online) boyfriend won’t leave his country and come to America to be with me. He doesn’t wanna leave his comfortable nest. Or his mama. Siiiiiiiigh… 🙁

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