9. Il Sorpasso (Advanced)

LearnItalianPod Learn Italian Online with LearnItalianPod! Here’s episode number 9 of the new, fun, and exciting way to learn “Advanced Level Italian”. Based on famous Italian movies and almost entirely spoken in Italian, this series will help you in becoming fluent in Italian while discovering what Italian culture is all about! This time we’ll talk about “Il Sorpasso” (literally “the overtaking”), a film filled with humor and sadness that depicted in great reality the sweet but at the same time bitter life of the 60’s in Italy. Enjoy!

Advanced Level – Lesson Nr.9


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2 thoughts on “9. Il Sorpasso (Advanced)”

  1. I have a question about the conjunction “mentre”… is it equally correct to say “Io mangio la pizza mentre mio fratello mangia la pasta” as well as “Mentre mio fratello mangia la pasta, il mangio la pizza”? – In other words, can I start the sentence with “mentre”? Thanks for your great service!

  2. Yes, that is correct.
    You can start with “mentre” if you’d like. The two sentences mean exactly the same thing.

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