8. Divorzio all’Italiana (Advanced)

LearnItalianPod Learn Italian with LearnItalianPod! Here’s episode number 8 of the new, fun, and exciting way to learn “Advanced Level Italian”. Based on famous Italian movies and almost entirely spoken in Italian, this series will help you in becoming fluent in Italian while discovering what Italian culture is all about! This time we’ll talk about “Divorzio all’Italiana”, a funny 1961 movie comedy which presents a satirical portrait of the Italian society of the time, a society that condemned divorce but accepted “crime of honor”. Enjoy!

Advanced Level – Lesson Nr. 8


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5 thoughts on “8. Divorzio all’Italiana (Advanced)”

  1. One of the best Italian movies ever – for sure. Great episode, guys!

    I understand the expression “sbarazzarsi di” means “to get rid of” – what does the actual verb “sbarazzare” mean? Is it always used in the reflexive form?

  2. Grazie Marcella!
    The verb “sbarazzare” means “to clear, to get rid of”. It is used mostly as “sbarazzarsi di”, but one expression quite common that uses “sbarazzare + object” is, for example “sbarazzare la tavola” (to clear the table).

  3.  This was a great episode! Can you explain the use of perdutamente? You translate the phrase as falling deeply in love but the word I believe means lost. Can you give me the literal translation? Is it lost in love?

    Grazie per sempre per le lezione!!!

  4. Laurie, according to the Collins Dictionary, the adverb “perdutamente” can also be translated as “desperately, passionately”. So the expression “innamorarsi perdutamente” would be “to fall in love passionately”. I like your translation, though – “lost in love” 🙂

  5.  Mi sono sentito orgoglioso nel vedere che ci sono persone che vogliono imparare la nostra lingua.♥♥

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