7. Sotto il Sole della Toscana (Advanced)

LearnItalianPod Learn advanced level Italian with LearnItalianPod.com! Here’s episode number 7 of the new, fun, and exciting way to learn “Advanced Level Italian”. Based on famous Italian movies and almost entirely spoken in Italian, this series will help you in becoming fluent in Italian while discovering what Italian culture is all about! This time we’ll be talking about “Under The Tuscan Sun” (Sotto il Sole della Toscana, in Italian), a 2003 movie produced in the US which is a beautiful tribute to Italy and to the Italian culture, and an invitation to grasp the opportunities that life offers. Enjoy!

Advanced Level – Lesson Nr. 7


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2 thoughts on “7. Sotto il Sole della Toscana (Advanced)”

  1.  Non sapevo che ci sono aggetivi come “mozzafiato” che sono invariabili. Potete dirci alcuni altri? Grazie per le informazioni. Martha

  2. Invariable adjectives have only one form and are used only in the singular – Some examples:

    * ogni every, ogni settimana every week
    * qualche some, qualche donna some women
    * qualsiasi any, qualsiasi libro any books

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