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Shoe Sizes in Italy: How to Shop for Shoes

Italy is renowned for its high-quality footwear and fashionable designs. Shopping for shoes in Italy is a great way to get a unique sense of style and luxury you can’t find anywhere else. But if you’re shopping for shoes in Italy, it’s essential to understand the sizing system.

Confused about Italian sizes? Try our Easy Italian Size to US and UK Conversion Tool.

Shoe Sizes in Italy: How to Find the Right Size

Italian shoe sizes are measured differently than in the United States, so it’s essential to have an accurate conversion chart when shopping. Italian shoe sizes are based on the length of the foot in centimeters, so the size may be slightly different than what you’re used to.

To help you find the right size, here’s a size comparison chart for shoes in Europe vs. the United States.

Note: You don’t need to rely on the chart below anymore. Use our convenient Italian size conversion tool instead!

shoes size in Italy

Diane’s Story:

Diane, a great friend from San Diego, California, sent us a friendly email. She says: “Nothing makes or breaks a look like the shoes you’re wearing. I must confess that I’m a shoe fanatic and spend most of my shopping money on them.”

Diane asks, “In less than one month, I will be in Rome, and I can’t wait to start shopping for Italian shoes. I particularly like Italian sneakers. Do you know of a tool to help with size conversions?”

Terrific idea, Diane! We’ve created just the tool for you. Use our Italian size to US and UK conversion tool to find out how to enter a store and ask to try on a pair of shoes in the perfect size.

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