25. My Big Italian Wedding (Culture Shot)

LearnItalianPod Our friend Kelly from New Zealand sent us a wonderful email. She just got married with Paolo, who is from Italy, and their wedding took place in beautiful Sorrento, in Italy. – She says her wedding day was perfect, from the ceremony to the reception. She just didn’t know how big weddings can be in Italy! Then she says: “How about a Culture Shot on Italian weddings? That’s definitely Italian culture…at its best!” What a good idea, Kelly! – So today let’s talk about the big day in Italy: il matrimonio Italiano! And by the way, congratulations, Kelly!

Culture Shot – Episode Nr.25


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10 thoughts on “25. My Big Italian Wedding (Culture Shot)”

  1. Hello Jane & Massimo!!! Very interesting subject, however, is there any problem with the recording? I couldn’t listen to the whole conversation… 🙁 Peccato! Thank you…

  2. Salve, Jane & Massimo
    I loved your way in teaching italian.
    I have just started learning italian, and now I downloaded all your beginer lessons.
    The lessons were amazing, and I am happy that I became an italian speaker.
    Best regards.
    Loved you both Jane & Massimo

  3. Hi. I’m having problems downloading this lesson too, via the RSS feed to iTunes. The podcast appears in my iTunes but I can’t “get” it, or make it play. I can listen to it using the player on this page, but I can’t save it.

    I really do hope that Jane and Massimo will be able to help; this is the only lesson that is missing from my collection of wonderful LearnItalianPod lessons!

  4.  Dear J & M,

    Thank you for the wonderful lessons. Could you please check the link to this lesson. I cannot download it. I keep getting error 8006.

    Thank you.

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