20. How To Go Green (HTI)

LearnItalianPod Alan, one of the most active LearnItalianPod VIP Members, sent us a super-nice email. He says: “Nowadays, everyone is talking about the best ways to go green – that is, doing things to help the environment, and in general, being eco-friendly. So, how about an episode on how to go green, so we can learn and practice new Italian words and sentences while at the same time we can be reminded about this very important matter…” – Terrific suggestion, Alan. So, let’s find out how to go green – in Italian!

How To Italian – Episode Nr.20


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3 thoughts on “20. How To Go Green (HTI)”

  1. Grazie Jane & Massimo! This is one of the best episodes ever – entertaining and useful (to learn Italian and be a better citizen of the world…)

  2. Hello. Just to express my thankness~
    I’m from china and now study in Universita Bocconi in a bachelor pro. Bocconi, i assume that you know…
    My pro is in English thus i can follow. But I really want to learn Italian. I like it better than English cause I feel it closer to Chinese…
    I find your website very useful. I wonder why the italian goverment cannot do as good as you to promote a language. X_X Maybe they don’t know what the forgieners really need. I find many foreign students being in italy for years but still say no italian, very sad…
    Anyway, thank you again.

  3. Hi … My name is Mahtab , from Iran … I study Italian in university 🙂
    your podcasts are so useful 4 me & my friends …
    thank you

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