18. How To Express Feelings (HTI)

LearnItalianPod Mireille, a great friend and listener from Canada, sent us a wonderful email. She says: “I’m studying Italian at the Italian Institute of Culture, and I consider that your lessons and your VIP membership are necessary tools to supplement my Italian courses. Here’s an idea: what if you prepare a podcast about how to express feelings? Love, affection, opinions, happiness, but also annoyance, regret, and so on…” – Terrific idea, Mireille – brava! So today, let’s learn how you can express your feelings… like Italians do!

How To Italian – Episode Nr.18


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10 thoughts on “18. How To Express Feelings (HTI)”

  1.  i think that this on line course of italian will help me to improve my italian

  2. Let me express my feelings—this episode is excellent–the most universally useful of the HTI series in addition to episodes 1 and 12. Scusa, sono stanca. Ho bisogno di riposarmi. Grazie and buona notte.  

  3. Buongiorno! I’m mireille’s cousin! she was the one who suggested this wondeful and useful lesson! Brava mireille! feelings are important! soprattutto in italiano! 😉 Good work Jane and Massimo! Excellent website!

  4.  buonasera a tutti, my name is Mirna
    i love what mireille suggested, this lesson is soo useful i learned a lot from it 😀 and i agree with sandra in what she said this website is amazing i enjoy it ..

  5.  Ey! this is a really good way of learn italian!!!
    one suggestion: if you publish in the web the talks in both idioms, we will understand it more easily!!!

  6.  Ciao raggazi! I’m Charleine, Mireille’s friend and I’m learning Italian as well… Great idea Mireille! You keep surprising us with your creativity… By the way, this is a great website.. It’s so helpful for me…
    Good luck!!!!!!!

  7. ciao a tutti,

    Imparo molto qui… una cosa… In the flashcards, the sentence below should read “I’m happy and enthusiastic.”

    “I’m happy and enthusiast.”

    In English, “enthusiast” is a noun; a person who is enthusiastic.

    Grazie per il vostro lavoro duro, Antony

  8. The difference between ti voglio bene and ti amo is important so I am glad you mentioned this. I learned this when an Italian girl I used to know told me how much it shocked her when I said, “I love you” to my mom.

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