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Bellissima! An Italian Phrasebook About Sightseeing & Entertainment

bellissima in Italian, sightseeing and entertainment

What Does “Bellissima” Mean in Italian?

This Italian phrasebook is your perfect companion for sightseeing and entertainment while traveling in Italy. It includes introductory sentences to help you get around and make the most of your trip. It also includes the meaning of the beautiful Italian word “bellissima”, which can be used to describe something beautiful.

With this phrasebook, you can easily express yourself in Italian and take advantage of all the fantastic sights and activities Italy offers.

Here’s What Our Friend Gianni Asked

Gianni, one of the most active LearnItalianPod listeners, sent us a terrific email. He says: “I love your podcasts! It makes learning Italian so much fun and easier than any other method I’ve tried, and I’ve tried many.”

He goes on. “Now, I have a request: how about some useful words and sentences we can use to better enjoy our fun activities in Italy, like sightseeing a city, taking an excursion, going to a museum or the theater, hiring a guide, and so on… I think it would be very useful.”

Gianni finishes with a question: “What does bellissima mean in Italian?”

It means “beautiful,” Gianni! — And, what a great suggestion you had. So here it is… Italian Phrasebook: Sightseeing & Entertainment, with many common phrases you can use while visiting Italy.


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