15. How To Borrow Money (HTI)

LearnItalianPod Chances are, it has happened to all of us at one time or another… We’re enjoying a good night out with friends, when at some point we realize we have no money with us, and we’re suddenly at a crossroad: go back home, or ask one of our friend to lend us a little money, so we can keep having fun… Let’s find out how to keep the fun going by asking to a friend to lend us some cash. Enjoy!

How To Italian – Episode Nr.15


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4 thoughts on “15. How To Borrow Money (HTI)”

  1. Can you tell me the difference between using quindi and dunque? Or are they the same? Grazie!

  2. This question is not about the episode. It is about the custom of Italians giving back change from a purchase.
    Why do Italians put the change in a dish instead of your hand or on the counter?

    Could you do any episode on Italian customs


  3. Canice – It’s really unclear where the habit of putting the change in a dish come from – you are right, Italians used it quite a lot. We’ll definitely do an episode on Italian customs – stay tuned!

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