14. How To Stay Fit (HTI)

LearnItalianPod Anthony from London, England, goes to the gym and works out every day. He sent us an email saying: “I’m about to go to Italy and while there, I want to keep working out. I was wondering if you could do a lesson where people like me that like to exercise and do sports could learn vocabulary and phrases related to fitness. It would really be useful.” You asked, we listened, Anthony! So here it is: how to stay fit, the Italian way!

How To Italian – Episode Nr.14


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3 thoughts on “14. How To Stay Fit (HTI)”

  1. I like the new “how to Italian” series. The vegetarian one and the fitness one especially, really spoke to me.

  2. When do we use ho corso versus sono corso? I have seen both in my books and I am confused when to use avere and when to use essere with the past tense.

  3. Marie,
    “Ho corso tutto il giorno” – I’ve run all day
    “Sono corso da te” – I’ve run to you
    As a general rule, use “avere” when the focus of the sentence is on the action of “correre” (running), and use “essere” when the focus of the sentence is on the “end” (in this case, “da te”).

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