13. How To Eat Vegetarian (HTI)

LearnItalianPod Learn Italian with LearnItalianPod! Julia, a vegetarian from New York, was traveling through the beautiful region of Liguria. She stopped at a local restaurant, thinking she was going to have trouble in ordering a vegetarian meal but to her surprise her waiter, Stefano, was able to put together a nice dinner all vegetarian. So today let’s find out how to order a vegetarian meal in almost any Italian restaurant. Enjoy!

How To Italian – Episode Nr.13


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3 thoughts on “13. How To Eat Vegetarian (HTI)”

  1. Bravi! Jane e Massimo. Now I won’t starve in Italy. My stomach thanks you. Grazzie mille!

  2. Massimo e Jane, che bella lezione….. io sono un vegetariano e grazie che vi siete ricordato di noi in un lezione. Vi posso dire che in italia sono molto accomodante con i vegetariani. grazie mille per le vostre lezione. Siete una bellissima coppia !! grazie grazie grazie!!! Ciao. Gino

  3. I am allergic to wheat and have heard that celiac disease is prevalent amongst Italians. I have also heard that it is very easy to eat gluten free in Italy. I am going there in May and want to be able to talk with the locals and eat gluten free. I know how to say “Ho celiaco. Che cosa posso mangiare?” But what else should I learn to say/look out for? Help please! 🙂

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