9. How To Catch A Bus (HTI)

LearnItalianPod Catching a bus in Italy can be an unforgettable experience. It requires agility, a good sense of humor, and keeping in mind the golden rule: watch your step! Taking a ride on an Italian bus is definitely a must-do experience as it will let you observe Italians in their daily routine. In this episode, let’s see how our friend Jennifer asks a bus driver if the bus she’s about to take is the right one. Enjoy!

How To Italian – Episode Nr.9


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2 thoughts on “9. How To Catch A Bus (HTI)”

  1. Could you explain the expression “grazie mille”? I’ve also heard the expression “mille grazie”. I assume the meaning of the two sentences is the same.

  2. Kim, there’s no difference using “grazie mille” or “mille grazie”. The former is definitely more used. “Grazie mille” corresponds to “thanks a lot”, while, “mille grazie” corresponds to “a lot of thanks”.

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