Phrasebook #5: Business

LearnItalianPod Learn business Italian terms and phrases with LearnItalianPod! Some of our LearnItalianPod VIP subscribers are business people that work for Italian companies. Most of them can speak enough to get around Italy, order food and ask for directions. They say they would love to learn and practice useful phrases focused on the vocabulary of business and so they have suggested us to add another episode to the Italian Phrasebook podcast series containing all such phrases. Once again, you asked, and we listened – enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Phrasebook #5: Business”

  1. Thank you Jane & Massimo for another incredibly useful episode.

    I travel to Milan all the times for business and in many meetings I attend some of the people don’t speak English. All of these sentences and phrases will definitely come handy.

    Grazie molto. Bravi Jane e Massimo!

  2. This is just what I was looking for. I have listened to it a number of times already. Grazie! Any chance to have more episodes like this in the future? Maybe one with business phone conversation phrases… Grazie Massimo e Jane!

  3. i was work for ceramic industry and many technician from italy, i want to learn more about speaking with italian language
    please send me a how to learn fast without a teacher


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