5. How To Tip Your Waiter (HTI)

LearnItalianPod In Italy, tipping your waiter at the restaurant isn’t really done… and the reason is that there are usually two extra charges added to your restaurant bill: one is the “coperto” (cover charge) and the other is the “servizio” (service). Patricia, one of LearnItalianPod subscribers, learned about this the hard way when she went to Italy. She says she overtipped the first few meals…and astonished the staff! She then suggests: “Why don’t you do an episode about tipping at the restaurant? I believe it would be of help to those planning to visit Italy…” Excellent idea, Patricia – so here it is!

How To Italian – Episode Nr.5


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4 thoughts on “5. How To Tip Your Waiter (HTI)”

  1. Talking about astonishing the staff… I, too, learned about this the hard way! First night in Florence, we went out to dinner (4 of us) and tipped the waiter an extra 25% – needless to say it, service was already included. We made the waiter very happy…

    Thanks Jane & Massimo for yet another useful episode!

  2.  At one restaurant I asked the waitress, at the advice of my guidebook, e il serivizio incluso? She answered me in English and said “the service is included but the tip is not.” I think she took me for a ride. She must have known about our American custom of tipping and took advantage of my ignorance.

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