3. How To Hook Up With Style (HTI)

LearnItalianPod Learn Italian language with “How To Italian” episode nr. 3! In this episode we are going to learn how an Italian man approaches, with style, a little bit of cheesiness (someone would say more than a bit…), and some persistance, a woman that he likes. Our friend Marco is in the lounge bar of the Hilton hotel in Rome, when he notices a woman he likes a lot. He decides to approach her. Good luck, Marco!

How To Italian – Episode Nr. 3


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3 thoughts on “3. How To Hook Up With Style (HTI)”

  1. In English, “may” means you are asking for permission; “can” means you are able to do something.

    So when asking to buy someone a drink, you would usually say “May I buy you a drink?” as in “posso” rather than “Can I buy you a drink?” which means in effect I am able to do this; I am not asking your permission. I know this sounds nit-picky but while trying to learn the best words in Italian we should also pay attention to the English!

  2. That’s nonsense, antonym; “Can I buy you a drink?” is perfectly natural English.

  3. “May” is technically correct but “can” has been used by the younger generation for at least four decades so it can be described nowadays as perfectly natural English, except in the most polite and formal situations. Put it this way: if I were chatting up a young woman and trying to be casual about it, using “may” would sound too formal and stuffy. She would probably run a mile.  

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