49. Going To The Doctor (Intermediate)

LearnItalianPod Learn Intermediate level Italian with LearnItalianPod! In today’s episode we will talk about doctor’s visits, flu and grandmother’s remedies. One of our subscribers, Emanuela from Montreal, is back from Italy. At some point during her trip she caught a bad flu and went to see a doctor. Doctor Ricci was great, and she was back on track in no time, thanks to medications, vitamins, and… grandmothers’ remedies. Let’s see what Italians do when they get the flu. Enjoy!

Intermediate Level – Lesson Nr. 49


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12 thoughts on “49. Going To The Doctor (Intermediate)”

  1. Right on time! I’m in Italy for three months and it seems like it’s flu season: everybody has a cold or flu! Now if I get sick and need to see a doctor I know what to say… Hope I don’t need it, but good stuff to know. Keep up the good work, Jane & Massimo!

  2. Yes, right on time! I am having a flu and I am in Italy. Now I can explain my “sintomi” and try “i rimedi della nonna” :). Thanks to you Massimo and Jane. You are doing a great job!
    Just one thing is not clear to me. Can you please explain the use of the form “bastasse” in the frase translated as “if it is not enough” in this episode.
    As i understood “bastasse” is a 3rd form sg. of the conjuntive mood of the verb “bastare” (to be enough). Can you please explain the use of this form here.
    Thank you

  3. Irene, the common expression “come se non bastasse” omits the subject “QUESTO”. Try attaching the subject to the sentence: “come se questo non bastasse” (as if THIS is not enough). “Questo”, like “quello”, and “cio'” all use the 3rd form singular.

    Feel better soon!

  4. I could not download the whole lesson. It’s ok streaming directly from your site but not when downloading. Only the first few seconds play.

  5. I’ve listened to the dialog and I’m puzzled about the phrase translated as “I’m shivering”.

    It sounds like “Sono tutta umbrivido”, but I can’t find find “umbrivido” anywhere, so I suppose this isn’t the correct word. Can someone please explain what the phrase is?

    Also, on a lighter note, the patient is supposed to suffer from a flu virus, but the doctor prescribes antibiotics. AFAIK, antibiotics can’t do anything against viruses. How do you say “quack” in Italian ? 😉

    Grazie mille.

  6. Ciao Jen e Massimo,
    Ho una domanda: You translated “mi sa” into “I believe”. But it looks like “he/she knows me”. Would you please explain?


  7. ciao ragazzi! im from england and we sometimes say i am all a quiver. well i guess the more camp people say that lol .so this is how i will remember “sono tutta brivido” keep up the good work guys! oh and alex we are students of italian not medicine so what does it matter.

  8. Can you please explain “i suoi” sono proprio i classici sintomi… 
    If “i suoi” is the plural of “il suo”, how does this fit into this sentence.
    P.S. I love LearnItalianPod!

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