21. Goodbye, Luciano (Culture Shot)

LearnItalianPod Learn how to speak Italian fast and easily! In this episode, Jane and Massimo would like to pay tribute to the late great Luciano Pavarotti. Luciano has represented worldwide the tradition and the art of Italian singing, and has been considered by many “l’ambasciatore della cultura e della musica italiana” (the ambassador of Italian culture and music) all over the world. Goodbye Luciano, e grazie!

Culture Shot – Episode Nr. 21


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6 thoughts on “21. Goodbye, Luciano (Culture Shot)”

  1. What a lovely tribute to the extrodinary artist who sang “Non ti scordar di me” to all of us. And thank you to Jane and Massimo for also being wonderful ambassadors of Italian culture. Your learning center is wonderful–a huge leap forward in language education. Thank you.

  2. As a professional musician trying to get in touch with his roots this lesson is of particular relevance to me. Thank you so much for a brilliant and thoughtful tribute. I am enjoying my new subscription to learnitalianpod.com quite a bit.

  3. These lessons are terrific. Just what I’ve been looking for! I live in Italy and my significant other(italiano) speaks fluent English..so parliamo inglese a casa…not good..I have taken le lezioni per stranieri but your podcasts are like having the teacher right in the house. Grazie, grazie!

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