47. Let’s Go Dancing! (Intermediate)

LearnItalianPod In today’s episode we will talk about “fare due salti in discoteca” (literally: “to do two jumps in the disco”), a very common Italian expression that means to go dancing. We’ll listen to a conversation between two friends, Angela and Fabio – and we will learn useful words and expressions about “discoteche italiane” (Italian disco clubs), “andare a ballare” (to go dancing), and “amici e amicizie” (friends and friendships). So, let the dance begin!

Intermediate Level – Lesson Nr. 47


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6 thoughts on “47. Let’s Go Dancing! (Intermediate)”

  1. I’ve really enjoyed this episode. I’ve been living in Italy for a few months and I like the way you use and teach informal and common colloquial expressions – very useful. Thanks!

  2. LeanItalianPod.com e molto bene! Grazie. Viaggeremo al’Italia in un mese e siamo pronti. Ma ho una domanda: quando dobbiamo usare ‘per favore’ e quando ‘per piacere’? Forse non c’e la differenza?

  3. Jane e Massimo,
    I’m currently in Napoli, and am making good use of my Italian. Your website has been a bit help! Molto Grazie!

  4. Ciao a tutti!

    Perche’ non si usa il congiuntivo nella questa frase: “So che volevano andare.” ? E’ giusto se posso dire “So che abbiano voluto andare” ? Grazie!!


  5. I believe that, in this case, “che” is used as simple conjuction – “I know THAT they wanted to go”. “So che abbiano voluto andare” is incorrect; if you wanted to use the conditional, then it would be “so che avrebbero voluto andare”, that has a very similar meaning to “so che volevano andare”.

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