Phrasebook #4: Lodging & Money

LearnItalianPod Speak Italian with LearnItalianPod Phrasebook #4! While Jane has taken a few days of well-deserved vacation (she’ll be back next week – and stay tuned, because we are preparing some nice surprises for all of you!), we are taking the chance to add one more episode to our Italian Phrasebook podcast series! Today we’ll learn and practice some useful Italian words and phrases about lodging and money using a very good online Italian Phrasebook as a starting point. Enjoy!

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5 thoughts on “Phrasebook #4: Lodging & Money”

  1. Ciao,

    I am enjoying my Learn Italian lessons and my Italian neighbours say I am much improved. Today I have a problem in that I can’t find a way to download the Phrasebook Part 4 to my iTunes. The first three parts appear, but not the fourth. Can you help, please.

  2. I’m leaving for Italy in less than three weeks (!) so this is very timely. But why so short, Massimo?

  3. Robyn – everything looks OK on our iTunes. Give it a few minutes and try again.

    Jass – it’s actually more than 12 minutes long – and it contains a lot of vocabulary that you can use as starting point to build sentences. We hope you’ll still find it useful. After all, as Jane says, it’s 5 minutes (of practice) a day that can make the difference! 🙂

  4. ciao massimo! why do you say, “avete” sometimes, and other times you say, “ha” when asking a question that starts wtih “do you have”? what’s the difference? how do we know which one to use? grazie!

  5. Lucy, “avete” refers to multiple people (Voi avete…?), “ha” to one (in this case “Lei ha…?” polite). In English the translation is “do you have?” for both forms.

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