19. Telling A Joke (Culture Shot)

LearnItalianPod Learn how to speak Italian with LearnItalianPod.com! “But is it true that Italians love very much telling jokes to entertain their guests and friends? – And who’s this “Pierino”, protagonist of so many Italian jokes?” These are the questions posed by Michelle, one of LearnItalianPod’s subscribers. She says she went to Italy, enjoyed every minute of her trip, and she had a particularly great time when one night her Italian friend Antonio entertained her by telling a joke after the other. Well Michelle, just listen to today’s story to find out more about Italian jokes, joke-tellers and the legendary “Pierino”. Enjoy!

Culture Shot – Episode Nr. 19


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4 thoughts on “19. Telling A Joke (Culture Shot)”

  1. 🙂 I love this episode – thank you! Bravo Jane & Massimo!
    It looks like Pierino is the equivalent to Little Johnny…

  2. Hi – another very enjoyable episode. I have two questions about the sentence: “Ecco uno dei classici della barzelletta su Pierino.”

    1. Why is Barselletta in the singular? In english “jokes” would be in the pural, as it is in your translation.

    2. Why “su Pierino” rather than “di Pierino”?

    I’d like to understand this better, if you can explain it for me.

    Many thanks,


  3. Alan, regarding “barzelletta” – if you think about it, the construction of the sentence is equivalent of “uno dei classici della letteratura Italiana” (one of the classics of Italian literature). In this case, you would not use “literature” as plural. So, I guess that, in the case of the word “joke”, it’s just a linguistic difference between Italian and English.

    “Su Pierino” means “on Pierino”, “about Pierino”. In this case, you could have used “di Pierino”. We have decided to go with “on Pierino” because it’s more common.

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