18. An Italian Vacation (Culture Shot)

LearnItalianPod Learn Italian with Culture Shot! Michele, one of LearnItalianPod’s subscribers, feels he’s finally ready to take a vacation to Italy! He asks: “When do Italians go on vacation? – and where do they go?” – Well Mike, most of Italians go on vacation in August, and they love the beach, the sun, and the sea! Not all of them, though. Some Italians prefer the mountains while some other prefer artistic cities like Rome, Venice, and Florence. In today’s episode we’ll talk about Italians and their vacations – and maybe you can get some inspiration when planning your next trip to Italy!

Culture Shot – Episode Nr. 18


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2 thoughts on “18. An Italian Vacation (Culture Shot)”

  1. hello!!!things are going up on learn italian pod and i’m very glad for all the staff that pay plain effort…i hope that one of your lessons will deal with italian jokes or italian taboos..thanx in advance!!!

  2. Sono appena tornato della vacanza italiana/svizzera. Vado spesso in Sardegna e devo dire che c’ne molto da vedere oltra di la costa smeralda. Le spiaggie belle sono ovunque. Con tutti i ricchi e snob italiani li forse e troppo costoso per noi gente “normale”.

    Spero che non ho sbagliato troppo e che capite cosa intendevo a scrivere. Grazie per il sito web. È molto interessante.

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