44. I’ll Have an Espresso (Intermediate)

LearnItalianPod “Tell me the way you take your coffee and I’ll tell you who you are” – that’s what Jane’s grandmother used to say to her. In today’s episode we’ll talk about Italian coffee, and more precisely about all the different ways Italians have to enjoy their coffee. You will hear words like “caffe’ macchiato”, “caffe’ corretto”, and many more. After this lesson, get ready to walk into a real Italian coffee shop and impress the bartender! Happy coffee, everybody!

Intermediate Level – Lesson Nr. 44


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7 thoughts on “44. I’ll Have an Espresso (Intermediate)”

  1. Il mio caffè preferito è capuccino! A wonderful bit about the world’s most famous drink, espresso. Great job, Jane and Massimo! Molto grazie!

  2. Questa lezione mi ha piacuto moltissimo perche finalmente ho afferrato il significato di tutti quelli nomi di caffè.

    Grazie milla!

  3. Some time ago, my husband and I went to Harry’s Bar in Venezia, and I ordered “due caffe’ corretto”, and the waiter looked at me as if he didn’t undertand……is the Venetian dialect so different, or was he being rude? I finally said, “due caffe’ e’ due grappa”. I’ve never been back to Harry’s Bar, even though I’ve been to Venice many times…too touristy for me!


  4. The phrase, “Adesso, ho capito” translates as “Now, I understand”. Would it also be appropriate to respond with, “Adesso, io capisco”?

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