15. Cone or Cup? (Culture Shot)

LearnItalianPod Learn Italian with LearnItalianPod! Today’s episode is all about… il gelato Italiano! Ice cream represents all over the world one of the most famous Italian traditions. Moreover, summer is almost here, and with summer, at least in Italy, it’s “gelato primetime”! What’s better than a good ice-cream to begin the summer season? Let’s learn all about Italian ice cream flavors: “cioccolato” (chocolate), vaniglia (vanilla), fragola (strawberry), and “limone” (lemon). As Massimo says, “me and ice cream, best friends forever”. Enjoy!

Culture Shot – Episode Nr. 15


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4 thoughts on “15. Cone or Cup? (Culture Shot)”

  1. I have really enjoyed your thorough explanation of comparative of adjectives “buono” and “cattivo”. What are the comparative of “grande” e “piccolo”?

  2. The adjective grande (big) becomes “piu’ grande di” (bigger than) and “il piu’ grande” (biggest). The adjective piccolo (small) becomes “piu’ piccolo di” (smaller than) and “il piu’ piccolo” (smallest).

  3. What a cute little culture shot! I can’t wait until I return to Italy…after almost 2 years I think that I have forgotten what gelato tastes like 😮 Nocciola e nutella sono i migliori…gnam gnam!! Great culture shot! Keep up the good work (and I also enjoyed the grammar explanation, too).

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