14. Brava Gondoliera! (Culture Shot)

LearnItalianPod Learn how to speak Italian with Culture Shot! Today’s episode is about the end of a thousand-year-old Italian tradition. Our friend and listener William emailed us a very interesting article about it — we are not going to spoil the surprise and tell you what it is before reading the story — let’s just say it happened in Venice and it’s about what is considered the ultimate symbol of the city of Venice. On the grammar section, we’ll talk about adverbs and review the difference between active and passive sentences. Enjoy!

Culture Shot – Episode Nr. 14


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2 thoughts on “14. Brava Gondoliera! (Culture Shot)”

  1. The “adverbs” part was very useful – I have a question: how would you form the adverb for the word “fermo”?

  2. That would be “fermamente”. The general rule is that adverbs are formed by adding the suffix “-mente” to the feminine singular form of the adjective. Fermo => ferma => fermamente. Fermo means “firm”.

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