40. Do Not Double Park! (Intermediate)

LearnItalianPod Our two friends and listeners Debbie and Antonio are back from Italy. They say: “We loved our trip and everything was great – except for when we had to… park our car! Is it really that difficult to find a parking space in Italy?” — Truth to be told, it can be quite an adventure, but fear no more, LearnItalianPod is here to help! Let’s learn a few things about driving thru a congested Italian city, and while doing so, let’s review and practice some important grammar constructions, like “frasi al negativo”, negative sentences. Enjoy!

Intermediate Level – Lesson Nr. 40


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7 thoughts on “40. Do Not Double Park! (Intermediate)”

  1. How would you translate the expression “not at all”? Could you provide an example of usage?
    Thanks for this incredible resource!

  2. sorry to butt in – ma una bella domanda anche per me 🙂

    “Not at all” meaning, no worries, no sweat, you’re welcome?
    is it di niente? or maybe per niente?

  3. In the first line, “Non riesco mai a trovare” why would “a” be used before trovare?

    Keep up the good work guys! I’ll be in Italy in less then a month staying with family who do not speak english, I finally feel confident I can interact with them, Grazie!!

  4. Carlo, the verb “riuscire” is the same as the English “to be able to”, and it’s always followed by the preposition “a” when introducing another verb. Example: “Riesci a fare dieci flessioni?” (Are you able to do ten push-ups?).

  5. Ciao:

    When using ci to mean there/that place…must it always be placed before the verb (ex non ci vado…) or can it also be placed after the verb (ex non vado ci….)?


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