8. Sanremo Is Always Sanremo! (Culture Shot)

LearnItalianPod Learn Italian with “Culture Shot” (“Colpo di Cultura”, in Italian), a weekly small bite of culture coming from Italy. Today we’ll talk about the most important event of Italian pop music, the Sanremo Festival. The Sanremo festival, a song contest running since 1951, is so popular amongst Italians that it is often referred to simply as “Il Festival” (The Festival). How we say in Italy, “Canta che ti passa…”. Enjoy!

Culture Shot – Episode Nr. 8


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2 thoughts on “8. Sanremo Is Always Sanremo! (Culture Shot)”

  1. Ciao Massimo e Jane!? che cosa avete fatto di bello!? :D…You know i’ve heard many good things about this festival in italy, but i’ve also heard from rock bands in italy that this event shadows people who are trying to have an impact on modern italian music!..Non lo so, non sono mai stato in questo festival! :P.
    Si, penso che il mio italiano ha migliorato un po’ :), Grazie!…comunque, ho una domanda per voi, come si dice “about” in italiano!?

    ciao jane e massimo!
    buon inizio settimana
    ci sentiamo!

  2. Ciao Dante! – Il Festival di Sanremo is always very controversial – a lot of people love it, a lot of people dislike it, and for the reasons you have mentioned. Sure enough, it’s a huge event!

    The new Learning Center is coming up! Stay tuned!

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