5. It Looks Like A Wasp (Culture Shot)

LearnItalianPod Learn Italian language with our fifth “Culture Shot” (“Colpo di Cultura”, in Italian), a weekly small bite of culture coming from Italy. This time it’s about a real Italian icon that never sets, a movie star that millions of people, famous and not, use everyday. She celebrated her 60th birthday last year, and still remembers what the person that launched her said when he first saw her: “She looks like a wasp!”. Got it? Happy riding, everybody!

Culture Shot – Episode Nr. 5


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2 thoughts on “5. It Looks Like A Wasp (Culture Shot)”

  1. Ciao Massimo e Jane!! come va oggi?!..Questa lezione è molto interesante!!..Non ho mai sentito di Vespa, Sono cari?!..

    A presto

    p.s. this episode is not in iTunes!

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