31. Show Me The Money (Intermediate)

LearnItalianPod This time, let’s practice a lot of useful, ready-to-use Italian words and expressions that you can use in many different occasions when dealing with everything related to money. Enjoy!

Intermediate Level – Lesson Nr. 31


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9 thoughts on “31. Show Me The Money (Intermediate)”

  1. Great lesson! I wish I had known some of those words when I went to Italy last year. Keep up the good work!

  2. Ciao Jane e Massimo!!..Come va!?…Grazie mille per questa lezione!!..I feel even more ready now to go to italy!!

    A presto!!

  3. Ciao Massimo e Jane! Siete troppo simpatici. Ho un’altra domanda. Ho appena fatto un “search” sull’Internet e ho trovato “205 Results for metto i pantaloni e 101 Results for mi metto i pantaloni”. Allora, concludo che meta’ degli italiani usano mettere (in questo senso) in forma riflessiva e l’altra meta’ no. Vale anche per il verbo togliere? togliersi? Tolgo il cappotto. Togli il cappello.

  4. I’m curious why, throughout this dialogue, the student uses the 2nd person formal but the professor uses the familiar form. I assumed that two people in a conversation would use the same form.

    Is it way for the student to show respect for the professor’s status, even though they seem to know each other quite well?

    Another excellent lesson – thanks!

  5.  Are “ricevuta” and “scontrino” (from Beginner Lesson 35 suplementary) interchangeable? If not, could you explain a little bit about the difference?

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