4. Dipping Into Nutella (Culture Shot)

LearnItalianPod This time it’s about food. Some says pizza is Italians’ favorite food, some other says it’s pasta… all wrong, according to a recent poll. Practice this lesson to find out what Italian favorite food is. You’ll be surprised. Happy dipping, everybody!

Culture Shot – Episode Nr. 4


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18 thoughts on “4. Dipping Into Nutella (Culture Shot)”

  1. Ciao Massimo e Jane!!! come va?! tutto ok?!….ho una domanda!…where i can find more about “La nutella”….

    Ciao, e a presto!!!

  2. Hi Jane and Massimo – I am having trouble with the final sentence of this podcast. Can you translate it word-by-word?


  3. Hello, approximately how long does it take to learn enough Italian to understand it? I only have 10 minutes a day and have downloaded the free iPod podcast, but it seems I am learning it very slowly? Is there a trick to learning Italian faster? Thanks!

  4. To: Jeanine

    I don’t believe there’s a trick to learn italian or any other language. Basically, you just gotta love the language, and practice everything you learn as much as you can. Keep trying!!

    A presto!!

  5. Thank you, Dante! I will keep listening to the lessons and practice as much as possible.

    I am not sure where to post a general question so I will ask it here.

    When you become a subscriber, are the printed lessons condensed? Can you get them in a Microsoft Word format instead of PDF so you can add more to one piece of paper? For me it helps to read the words while I listen.

    Thanks again!


  6. To Jeanine:

    You’re welcome! :). I have good news for you. Anyone can get Adobe Player for free, which will allow you to view PDF documents. If you wish to add more stuff to it what you can do, once you downloaded it, is copy and paste the dialogue in a word document.

    Hopefully this makes sense to you!

    Ciao, e a presto!!

  7. Ciao Jane e Massimo –

    We moved to Italy around the same time you started the podcast; we’ve been diligently listening & learning every week. From beginner to intermediate, each and every one of your lessons has helped us immensely.

    The Culture Shot is an excellent addition to the repertoire. We are glad that you are offering more advanced lessons (we’ve never really needed transcripts until the ‘Nutella’ episode).

    Could you give some more example sentences using “su di esso/a” and “addirittura” ?

    Grazie mille!
    Lawren & Steve
    Verona, IT

    PS. I am sure you are aware of this phenomenon: the very instant we learn a new word or phrase, we start hearing it everywhere —on TV, on the street, etc. etc.

  8. Example with “su di esso”: “una volta scaricato il file, fai doppio click su di esso per aprirlo” – “once downloaded the file, double click on it to open it.

    Example with “addirittura”: “la spedizione potra’ essere ritardata di alcuni giorni o addirittura settimane” – “the shipment could be delayed a few days or even weeks”.

  9. The audio in the VIP section is off by one and one of the english translations are in Italian.

  10. Hi Massimo and Jane
    ‘Nutella’ was the first podcast where I couldn’t work out a sentence by using WordReference alongside it. It finally tipped me over the edge to subscribe. I had been feeling guilty anyway for having had free access to so much learning material via iTunes.
    Glad I did, because the site is really well organised, and doing the quizzes made me realise how much you have helped me since I had to listen to the first beginner’s episode about twelve times last summer to make any sense of it.

    Mille grazie

  11.  After doing this lesson i just realised that somthings really dont translate well from italian to english!! and this makes it so much more difficult to remember the meaning. i guess this is an example of the need to somtimes think in italian . im not sure if i am at that stage yet. but ill plod on, but thanks to this lesson at least i know whats in store. thats a good thing right??? lol

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