3. A New Year’s Eve Tradition (Culture Shot)

LearnItalianPod Learn Italian with Podcasts! Being that we are publishing this episode on December 31st, we thought it would have been appropriate to talk about what Italians do to celebrate the beginning of a new year… Just see what an Italian that’s taking a tradition to the extreme can do! Welcome to the third “Colpo di Cultura”, everybody, e Felice Anno Nuovo!

Culture Shot – Episode Nr. 3


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5 thoughts on “3. A New Year’s Eve Tradition (Culture Shot)”

  1. Ciao ragazzi,
    intanto: buon anno anche a voi! Scrivo solo per dirvi: grazie per il vostro impegno e i materiali sul rete! Carissimi saluti dalla Svizzera!

  2. thank you for your work, but the new culture shot is hard because you don’t go over all the words like you usually do. is that because you have to be a member?

    i still enjoy it however,

  3. Hello, I enjoy your podcasts very much and have just begun to listen to the culture shots. But, I have a suggestion for you — when you are reading the lines one at a time so that the listener can listen and repeat, i find it really hard to remember the entire sentence, because usually Massimo will say something very long. If possible, in future episodes please only say a few words at a time so that we may focus on a little bit of pronounciation at a time. Thank you.

  4. vespa rosso – thanks for your suggestion. We sometimes use longer passages on purpose, to try to “push it” a bit and give students something to work on — but we don’t want it to be discouraging — we’ll certainly take your suggestion into consideration.

    Also remember that, by becoming a subscriber, you would get access to all dialogue transcripts and would be able to practice with a visual aid as well.

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